Stronger Than Yesterday



"Growth starts when you get out of your comfort zone. If you are always doing what is known and secure you’ll get stuck. Don’t get stuck, grow!"

Until age 25, I had a great but average life, worked a 9 to 5 in Switzerland, and enjoyed the freedom he had as an independent bachelor. But one day, after a long series of travel, I received a call from the other side of the planet that changed my entire life: “We’re going to have a baby!”

Although I was in shock and uncertain about the future, I knew what to do: take full responsibility. And so I left Switzerland, friends, and family behind and emigrated to brazil. What expected me there was chaos and disorder. On the one hand, many difficulties came with the foreign culture and a language I didn’t speak. On the other hand, I was pretty overwhelmed with my new role as a father. And my partner facing post-partum depression didn’t necessarily make it easier. Not to mention my day-to-day job and my side business GymPerformance, which both required time and effort. Besides, I was still working out and trying to balance my body and mind.

I think it’s safe to say that this was my life’s toughest challenge. I was lost, scared, and for sure out of comfort. And this is precisely when growth started to happen.
I became obsessed with self-development, pushed through very dark moments, and eventually underwent a huge transformation. When I moved back to Switzerland three years later…

• I wasn’t just an employee anymore – I became a business owner with my very own team. #GymPerformance

• I wasn’t an independent bachelor anymore – I became a family father with all the responsibilities and obligations attached.

• I wasn’t just a regular ‘gym bro’ anymore – I became the renowned fit dad who helps other fathers and entrepreneurs to get in shape. 

Now I want to spread the word, share my journey, and help others transform themselves too.

I initiated “Stronger Than Yesterday” for people like you who want to grow and make self-improvement a way of life.


I believe in GROWTH. Every single day is an opportunity to grow.

I believe in IMPROVEMENT. You can always do better.

I believe in OPPORTUNITY. Everyone can achieve greatness.

I believe in IMPACT. It’s crazy what a difference a single individual can make.

I believe in MINDSET. Focus on what you can control. Everything else is wasted energy.

I believe in ACTION. It doesn’t just happen.

I believe in RESPONSIBILITY. You are responsible for your life and for your actions.

I believe in DIVERSITY. Your DNA is unique and so are you.

I believe in COURAGE. You need to face your fears and overcome them.

I believe in COMMUNITY. Your network is one of the most valuable assets.

I believe in HARD WORK. Because it takes 10 years to become an “overnight success”.

I believe in DISCIPLINE. Probably the most important part of success.

I believe in FITNESS. Because health is the foundation of all things in life.


I don’t believe in PROCRASTINATION.
You won’t achieve anything.

I don’t believe in LUCK.
You actually don’t need it.

I don’t believe in NEGATIVITY.
We don’t have time or energy for that.

I don’t believe in SHORTCUTS.
You’ve got to put in the work. Really.

I don’t believe in MEDIOCRITY.
Because you got so much more in you!


Stronger Than Yesterday is a platform for those who choose growth
and self-improvement as a way of life.

I am here for those who want to grow, are willing to learn, and strive to be better every day.

You’re one of us if you choose to become… STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY.


The number of lives I positively impacted through my mission so far.


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